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Powerhouse smoothie with blueberries & spinach.

I call this one Purple Power because there are two power foods in this. Blueberries with so many antioxidants and many other vitamins and minerals and spinach another power house with lots of protein, vitamin A and iron + much more. I will be starting a where do I find certain vitamins and minerals list but I will also start a list of what benefits specific foods have on our health, so look for that coming soon and expanding over time. It will make it easy for you if you are wondering from what source of food do I get the most vitamin A or what health benefits does ginger have. Just go to the lists and look it up.

Starting my day with a green smoothie.

Today I started my day with this Purple Power smoothie and it was another enjoyment. I hope you also enjoy it. Here is the recipe.

Ingredients (makes approx. 2 x 12 oz servings):

  • 2 apples cut in large pieces
  • 1/2 cup spinach frozen
  • 1/2 cuo frozen blueberries
  • 1 pear cut in large pieces
  • 2 apples juiced (cut to fit your juicer)
  • 5 carrots juiced (cut to fit your juicer)
  • 1 piece of ginger juiced (approx. 1 cm)

Add blueberries, spinach and apples to blender. I normally peel the apple as I find the peel of fruit (apple, pear etc.) does not always blend that well. But remember always peel your fruit both when you juice or blend, if it is not organic fruit or vegetables, you are using. Then juice the apples, carrots and ginger. Remember not to add the ginger at the end, as you will not get all the juice from it otherwise. There should be at least on piece of fruit or vegetable after the ginger. After juicing the apples, carrots and ginger add it to the blend and blend everything until smooth. You have a power house of a smoothie ready to enjoy.

What are the nutrients in this smoothie:

Calories: 183,2, Fat: 0,7 g, Sodium: 33,9 mg, Potassium: 500,5 mg, Carbohydrate: 46,3 g, Dietary Fiber: 7,7 g, Sugars: 23,3 g, Protein: 2,5 g, Vitamin A: 76,0 %, Vitamin B-6: 9,4 %, Vitamin C: 30,6 %, Vitamin E: 5,6 %, Calcium: 9,6 %, Copper: 12,2 %, Folate: 15,7 g, Iron: 8,5 %, Magnesium: 12,1 %, Manganese: 34,9 %, Riboflavin: 9,1 %, Selenium: 3,1 %, Thiamin: 6,2 %, Zinc: 3,5 %.

Blueberry & Spinach Smoothie








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