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My story

 Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry smoothie

 What is my story?

Actually a very difficult question. No maybe not difficult to answer but difficult to write here. If you follow me? I started posting before I finalized this part. I have gone here a couple of times but have not been able to put anything down “on paper”. What is my story? Why am I writing this blog? And do I have any qualifications to do so? Those are some of the things readers would be looking for here. I think? So now that I have “written myself warm” , I will attempt to answer that. Here we go.

I don’t have a food background. I am not a dietitian. My professional background is within marketing and communication. A love of food yes. Actually more a love of the social aspect that comes with food. Making food together. Eating food together. Just hanging out together over a good meal. I love the term hanging out. To me it implies being together in a relaxed enjoyable way. However, I have never really put to much thought into the food I ate. I must admit. Is it organic, processed, refined? Was not that high on my list. Don’t eat too much candy, don’t drink to much coke. Yes I paid attention to that. And yes I knew that a lot of meats are “infused” with growth hormones. And yes I knew that fruit and vegetables are “laminated” with pesticides. But I always thought, yeah well everyone else eats it. But a few years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. And as I started reading about the disease, causes, self-help (not medicine but food and so on), I became convinced that a big part of auto-immune diseases has to do with lifestyle. It has to do with the stress in your life. It has to do with what you eat. The chemicals you feed your body through what you eat and what you surround yourself with. I am not sure that you can prevent getting ill. But I think you can control flare ups by eating healthy and keeping stress free. So I am more and more following the clean eating principles. Using less chemicals in my beauty products and my home products. Following the principles of mindfullness to lower stress. Practicing yoga and meditation. Does this tell you anything about me? I don’t know but I hope it gives you a better idea of why I am interested in these particular subjects. At the least my goal is to provide you, the readers, with my experiences, my recipes helping you go forward with these principles which is getting your body healthy.

Now for a few “hard facts” about me. I am mid-forties. I am married and have to children.